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Sustainability Program

Hey guys, we're super excited to be sharing our sustainability initiative with you!

We first launched Woodsman Skincare in 2017, we wanted to create a premium and reasonably priced skincare range aimed directly at men’s health. 

Over the last two years we've gained traction within the Australian Barber and Salon market, and we are proud to say we are a PETA Approved, Cruelty Free Skincare Label.

Operating to a purposeful business plan, we've played a  ‘start slow’ launch and ‘made it cool’ in the barber space and established a brand and business model with the goal to then grow into the “retailer” world. In keeping with this plan we are excited to have recently launched our product into Priceline Pharmacy. 

As part of this new release,  we have introduced the ‘Leave No Trace’ sustainability program to Priceline Pharmacy Prahran. 

The ‘Leave No Trace’ program is  solution to our massive single use plastic waste problem in the Australian cosmetics industry, and with the support of VISY recycling, we will remove and recycle all returned Woodsman packaging from Priceline Prahran and offer incentives to returning customers that opt to participate in the program. 

This sustainability opportunity will work as a customer incentive exchange program where Priceline customers are invited to return empty Woodsman products in exchange for a $1 credit towards their ‘on the spot’ Woodsman purchase in store.  Woodsman will ensure that ALL empty bottles and jars will be sent to VISY to be recycled into other re-use plastic products.

This is a win win situation that will divert our packaging from going to landfill, recycle our packaging into other re-use products, and reward you guys for being responsible with your products.


Watch this space. 

#Leave No Trace